Cutscenes - The Last Story ? The Movie / All Cutscenes + Boss Fights

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The Last Story ? The Movie / All Cutscenes + Boss Fights


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The Last Story is set on Lazulis Island, a vast seaborne fortress ruled by Count Arganan and allied to an unnamed human empire in the midst of crisis as the land decays and dies. The game begins with Dagran, the leader of a mercenary band, traveling to Lazulis in search of employment with fellow mercenaries Zael, Syrenne, Yurick, Lowell and Mirania.

During the journey, Zael, who dreams of becoming a knight, encounters a mysterious force and is branded on the hand, granting him magical power. While on an errand in Lazulis, Zael runs into a woman named "Lisa" and helps her escape from pursuit by city guards. Employed as guards to Arganan for the royal wedding of Lady Calista and Lord Jirall, Zael encounters Calista and recognizes her as "Lisa".

The group also meet General Asthar and his protegee Therius when Syrenne picks a fight with Therius. After revealing to Zael in private that hers is an arranged marriage, Lazulis is attacked by the Gurak, a race once banished from Lazulis by humans and now united under their ruler Zangurak. Zael, Calista and the rest of the mercenary group are forced to leave Lazulis in their pursuit of Zangurak.

SPECIAL THANKS to SplitPlaythru for letting me edit his gameplay walkthrough into a movie. Check out his channel for more JRPG gameplay walkthroughs @

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