Cutscenes - STAR WARS: Jedi Academy ? The Movie / All Cutscenes ?1080p HD?

Check out your favorite game stories edited down to relevant dialogue, essential gameplay and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience!

STAR WARS: Jedi Academy ? The Movie / All Cutscenes ?1080p HD?



► Played & Edited by Yic @

Enjoy the story of STAR WARS: Jedi Academy as a movie with all the cutscenes + story gameplay parts without HUD. All unnecessary parts such as loading/menu screens, failed/death scenes, and gameplay fillers have been edited out. Hope you enjoy!

The player takes the role of Jaden Korr. Jaden is a new student arriving at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, along with fellow student Rosh Penin. On their way to the Academy, the students` shuttle is shot down by an unknown enemy. As Jaden and Rosh make their way to the Academy on foot, they encounter two stormtroopers and a Dark Jedi, whom Jaden defeats. Jaden then sees a woman using a staff to drain energy from the Jedi Temple, but he is detected and knocked unconscious by the beam. Awakening, Jaden is met by Jedi Masters Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker, who both express concern about the incident. Jaden and Rosh become apprenticed to Kyle; however, in their first training session, Rosh`s over-competitiveness endangers Jaden. Jaden is then dispatched on various peace-keeping missions across the galaxy.

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