Cutscenes - STAR WARS: Battlefront II ? The Movie (2017)

Check out your favorite game stories edited down to relevant dialogue, essential gameplay and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience!

STAR WARS: Battlefront II ? The Movie (2017)


Enjoy the story of STAR WARS: Battlefront 2 with this cinematic experience. The main goal of this video is to make it feel as much like an official STAR WARS movie as possible. It includes all the cutscenes from the story campaign without any distracting pop ups. It contains all the important story dialogues that happen during gameplay parts. And most gameplay parts are recorded without HUD (except some space battles because those are nearly impossible without HUD). The end result is so you can enjoy the story of STAR WARS: Battlefront 2 like watching an actual STAR WARS movie.

This movie is created (played, recorded, and edited) by Yic @

Normally I would include watermark on my videos but as I said I want this to feel as official and cinematic as possible so I decided not to put a watermark on it. Gamer`s Little Playground is the original upload of this movie. There is also an extended edition (story campaign walkthrough without HUD) on my own channel, Yic17 Gaming. If you see this movie anywhere else, it is most likely re-uploaded without my permission. I just want to make it clear since I decided not to include the watermark.

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