Cutscenes - ENSLAVED ODYSSEY TO THE WEST SAGA All Cutscenes Movie (Odyssey to the West and Pigsy's DLC) 4k 60FPS

Check out your favorite game stories edited down to relevant dialogue, essential gameplay and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience!

ENSLAVED ODYSSEY TO THE WEST SAGA All Cutscenes Movie (Odyssey to the West and Pigsy's DLC) 4k 60FPS



00:11 – Enslaved Odyssey to the West Movie part 1
01:15:11 – Enslaved Pigsy Perfect 10 DLC
01:43:12 – Enslaved Odyssey to the West Movie Part 2

Enslaved is set 150 years in the future where a global war has ravaged the Earth, destroying most of the human race and leaving the world to be plagued by robots left over from the war, known as "mechs". Mechs still follow their programming and seek to eradicate hostiles, now surviving humans.

The game opens with the main character, Monkey (Andy Serkis), awakening in a containment cell aboard a slave ship. He escapes and accidentally causes the vessel to crash. He reaches Trip (Lindsey Shaw) leaving the ship via escape pod, but she ejects the pod without allowing him to enter. When Monkey regains consciousness after the pod`s landing, he discovers that Trip has placed a slave headband on him, which provides a combat heads-up display but forces him to follow her orders; a dead man`s switch will kill him if she dies. Trip explains that she wants to return to her village, which is 300 miles away, and that she needs his help to get there. Monkey is angry, but has no other choice. The two travel across New York City toward the crash site, where Monkey hopes to recover his motorcycle. As they avoid hazards and defeat mechs, glitches in the headband expose Monkey to visions of what appears to be life before the war, and he and Trip learn to trust and rely on each other.

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